The Immortality Circle Podcast Series

The Immortality Circle

Faced with a failing app and impossible deadlines, an angry venture capitalist forces a small San Francisco startup to accept help from a bizarre, mysterious group of Romanian software engineers, who hold the secret of human immortality.

But there’s an enormous price to pay….

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The Immortality Circle centers on Mark Hynes, CEO of the startup Neurallus, LLC. Mark and his coworkers are producing a revolutionary neural network based language translator, but there’s one big problem. The app only works for two languages at time and crashes continuously. The venture capitalist who financed Mark and Neurallus forces Mark to transfer the code to a group of Romanian software engineers, who insist that Mark and his fiancé come to the dark and dangerous Carpathian Mountains. The Romanian engineers hold the secret of human immortality, but at a terrible cost. Not only are Mark and his fiancé at risk, so is all of San Francisco and the Bay Area.