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Faced with a failing app and impossible deadlines, an angry venture capitalist forces a small San Francisco startup to accept help from a bizarre, mysterious group of Romanian software engineers, who hold the secret of human immortality.

But there’s an enormous price to pay….

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Episode 1: Moroi Hunter

We meet Mark Hynes, present day, now a vagrant living on the streets of San Francisco, hunting the Moroi, Romanian for the dead. Mark tracks an emerging Moroi and kills her in an alley. Tasered by a street cop, Mark tells his story in retrospect from a jail cell. 


Episode 2: Neurallus, LLC

Mark talks about his startup, Neurallus LLC and his co-workers, Boris Levi, Caroline Cafaro and Rachel Trask. Things aren’t going well, and the little startup is running out of money, and time.


Episode 3: First Pitch

Mark meets with a VC representative at a San Fransisco coffee shop to pitch the Galactic Language Translator, and it doesn’t go well.


Episode 4: Howard Boltz

Mark get a call from Howard Boltz, a well known venture capitalist. Mark agrees to meet Boltz at a Market Street coffee shop to pitch the GLT. Instead of telling the others, he decides to meet with Boltz alone.


Episode 5: The Big Pitch

Mark meets with Howard Boltz on Market Street and explains the Galactic Language Translator. Boltz likes what he hears and asks to see a demo the next day.


Episode 6: Fishermans Wharf

Mark meets with Howard Boltz and Boltz’s assistant, Daniel Moreau on Fishermans Wharf to demo the GLT. It goes well and Boltz gives Mark a cashiers check, but under strict conditions.


Episode 7: Longevity

Years before, Howard Boltz meets with another VC, Walter Faber to hear a pitch from a biotech engineer. After blowing off the pitch Faber tells Boltz about Andre Cel Umbri, and how Cel Umbri may have discovered the secret of human immortality.


Episode 8: Swarm Failure

Mark, Caroline, Boris and Rachel are testing the GLT, but it only works for two languages at a time. They have no idea how to fix it and Boltz is coming. Boltz expects to see a working, near finished app.


Episode 9: The Honeymoon Ends

Boltz pays a visit to see the app, which doesn’t work. Boltz threatens to pull funding if the app isn’t ready for TechSmash. Mark and the crew have run out of ideas to fix it.


Episode 10: The Awakening

Andre Cel Umbri and The Three Sisters are awakened by a beam of moonlight after three hundred full moon cycles. The awaken, and are hungry…


Episode 11: The Children of Bucharest

Radu Romanescu, a human servant of Andre Cel Umbri cruises the the Ferentari ghetto of Bucharest, in search of food for Cel Umbri and The Three Sisters.


Episode 12: Someone Bad

After kidnapping the children off the streets of the Ferentari ghetto in Bucharest, Radu is stopped by the police while driving toward the Carpathian Mountains and Cel Umbri’s castle.


Episode 13: Alabaster Again

Radu delivers the children to Cel Umbri and The Three Sisters, renewing them.


Episode 14: At the Bar

Mark, Caroline, Boris and Rachel are at their favorite bar after having worked over twenty hours straight. Caroline questions her relationship with Mark.


Episode 15: The Moon is Full

Howard Boltz is awakened by a text message saying nascent din nou, Romanian for Born Again. Boltz ponders his decision to align with Cel Umbri with the vague promise of immortality.


Episode 16: 1860 London

In 1860 London, Andre Cel Umbri meets Andrew Crow, a secretive, underground experimenter who has discovered a method of becoming immortal. Cel Umbri befriends him, hinting that he may finance Crow’s experiments.


Episode 17: Lucile and Jericho

Crow takes Cel Umbri to his lab, hidden below an old warehouse. Crow injects Lucile the sow with a serum, killing her. He extracts her blackened blood and injects Jericho, a hog, with the blood. Jericho transforms from old to youthful before their eyes.


Episode 18: Jericho Thrives

Cel Umbri discovers that Jericho the pig thrives when fed a live piglet. He determines the last key component of immortality is consuming the blood and flesh of one’s own kind. He prepares to find a victim to inject to prepare the serum for himself. Cel Umbri misses a critical passage in Andrew Crow’s journal- once immortal humans must hibernate periodically for twenty five years.


Episode 19: The Victim

Cel Umbri finds a victim to inject with the serum in Old Nichol, the heart of the slums of Victorian London.


Episode 20: Cel Umbri Turns

Inside the hidden lab Cel Umbri kills his victim and collect the victim’s blood to create vials of serum. He injects himself with the fresh serum, convulses and passes out.


Episode 21: Andrew Crow’s Journal

Andre Cel Umbri wakes after injecting himself with the serum. His body altered and his senses enhanced, he discovers secret passages written in invisible in in Andrew Crow’s journal.  


Episode 22: Wings

Cel Umbri learns that direct sunlight can kill him. On an overcast day he returns to Old Nichol and sees a Scotland Yard inspector talking with the proprietor of the Dark Steed, inquiring about Reggie.  Cel Umbri returns to the lab, where he painfully sprouts wings.


Episode 23: Escape to Romania

Cel Umbri and the hidden lab are discovered by Scotland Yard Inspector Basil Davies.